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Online Marketing: 4 Keys to a Better LinkedIn Company Page


Online marketing tips for using LinkedIn to create an effective Company Page. From PMI, serving Reading, PA, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, York, Lebanon, Pennsylvania and beyond with services to develop your online marketing strategy.According to LinkedIn, more than 3 million companies have created Company Pages to connect with 225+ million professionals.  A Company Page helps LinkedIn members learn about your business, brand, products and services, and job opportunities.  Any LinkedIn member can follow a Company Page and research shows that 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from companies when they engage with them on LinkedIn.  Plus, LinkedIn pages often perform well in company searches, thereby improving your search engine rankings, making your LinkedIn company page worthy of a role in your online marketing efforts.

See the SlideShare presentation below for some great LinkedIn company pages to inspire your efforts. You can click on the pages to see them live.

4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company page

An effective Company Page doesn’t just happen - it takes strategy and time.  Here are 4 tips to maximize the effectiveness of your Company Page.

#1. Tell Your Audience What You Do Best and Give Them a Reason to Follow You

  • LinkedIn offers a “products and services page” – Use it!  Marketers who build up that page tend to attract twice as many company followers.
  • Include links to your white pages, case studies, videos, and how-to content.

#2. Do Your Homework - Take Advantage of Built-In Features

  • Edit your description so that it leads with powerful, keyword-rich sentences to make it more SEO-friendly.
  • Don’t forget your company contact information, descriptions of your offerings, and your areas of expertise.
  • Encourage your customers to write a recommendation for your product and/or service on your LinkedIn Company Page. 

#3. Engage your audience

  • Encouraging a two-way conversation will help convert your audience into customers.
  • Post updates about your company – news, events, new employees and products, awards and honors, etc.
  • Keep your content short and start with the most important information first. This is how journalists write.
  • Include a picture, chart, or link whenever possible.
  • Ask questions to engage your audience.
  • Communicate with the voice and brand of your company.
  • The easiest way to turn off your followers is to give them the hard-sell.  This is a big no-no.  Instead, foster an informative dialogue regularly to keep your company at the top of prospects’ minds.
  • LinkedIn’s targeted updates allow you to tailor your message to your audience.
  • Encourage your audience to engage by liking, sharing and commenting on your posts.Engage your colleagues – Employees are 70% more likely to engage with your company updates.Use a multi-channel approach – Include a link to your LinkedIn Company Page everywhere, such as your email signature,   and include a follow button on your website.

#4. Analyze & Improve

The “page insights” and “analytics” on your Company Page are awesome tools that can help you focus and refine your LinkedIn strategy.
  • Page Insights show page views and unique visitors and page clicks over the last 7 days. It also displays charts showing data on page views by tab, Products and Services page clicks, and more.
  • Analytics: Use LinkedIn Analytics to leverage metrics and to reveal trends about your company page. 
  • Monitor your Engagement %.  Noting which updates have higher engagement rates will help you understand what topics or types of posts engage your audience the most, allowing you to optimize future content.
  • Review your demographics. This tool provides a snapshot of your followers and allows you to tailor your content.
  • Know how you Compare. Knowing how your page compares with your competitors’ page can help refine your LinkedIn strategy.

If you want to keep your customers and prospects informed and keep your company name top of mind, an effective LinkedIn Company Page is a great tool.

Need help developing a better online strategy for your business? Contact PMI today to arrange a free initial consultation.

This post is based on an article by Jason Miller - 5 LinkedIn Company Page Tips to Enhance Your Marketing.

Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

3 Video Marketing Measurements to Sharpen Your Strategy


3 video marketing measurements to boost your social media marketing strategy. From PMI, serving Reading PA, Philadelphia, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Allentown and beyond with marketing services to grow your business.Video marketing is becoming a key component of a smart social media marketing strategy – with good reason.  Between 2011 and 2012 video consumption increased by 38% - wow!  Forrester Research determined that the chance of getting a page one listing on Google increases 53 times with a video. That fact alone should inspire any online marketer make video marketing a real priority. 

As with any type of marketing, it’s important to measure your results so as to get the most out of your campaign and to discover what works best. Typical measurements for a video campaign include the number of views, the number of thumbs up (or thumbs down) a video gets, and how many times a video is shared.  But are these the most useful metrics? 

If you’re really interested in using video marketing to grow your business, there are three additional metrics to monitor: re-watches, engagement rate, and play rate.

Re-watches: The number of times a person re-watches part or all of your video

You can use this information to find your “hottest” leads.  This information can help you nurture leads with more highly targeted email lists and help you determine which potential customers a salesperson should call on first. 

The number of video re-watches also provides valuable information about a customer that can be leveraged prior to a sales call.  By measuring which section(s) of the video a potential customer re-watched the most, you can determine what they found most interesting or relevant, and then adjust your sales presentation to address the specific pain points, features, or objections likely to be most important to that customer. 

Engagement Rate – The percentage of the video watched.

This tells you how interested someone is in your company or message and how compelling your video is. Again, you can use this information to determine which leads are most interested and therefore most likely to buy, allowing you to focus on warmer leads.  An average video engagement rate can determine whether a particular video is holding the viewer’s attention or not, thereby allowing you to create more engaging and profitable videos in the future.

Play Rate – the percentage of people who play your video vs. land on your video link page

This measurement helps you determine if your title, thumbnail image, and description are enticing enough to get people to actually hit play.  The play rate can also help you determine which topics are most appealing to your audience. 

Do You Have the Tools Needed to Properly Monitor Your Video Metrics?

Watching the right metrics from your video marketing campaign is the best way to keep your customers engaged, your marketing and sales teams successful, and your company growing. HubSpot's online marketing technology provides an excellent system for monitoring and analyzing all your online metrics.

Contact us for help in implementing a smart video marketing strategyIf you'd like help in developing a smart online or social media strategy complete with robust tracking and monitoring, then please contact us.

This post is based on an article by Kristen Craft - Get Beyond Views: 3 Metrics That'll Help You Prove Video ROI.


Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

Facebook Marketing: 5 Ways to use Facebook's Embedding Tool


How to use Facebook's embed tool to improve your social media marketing resultsFacebook has a great new feature that allows you to embed posts from most Facebook pages or profiles onto your website or blog.  It can be a great tool for your social media marketing strategy, and it’s very simple to use. 

Here are five ways you can use this new feature to boost your social media marketing strategy:

1.      Demonstrate Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that has been used by marketers for many years. Facebook’s new feature allows you to demonstrate social proof on your website/blog by embedding positive posts made on your Facebook page onto your website/ blog.

2.      Quote Reference Sources

Create interactive material on your website/blog by sharing posts with interesting statistics or quotes onto your website/blog.  You can also use this opportunity to share your post with the person quoted.  Once your post goes live, share the link with the person you quoted, letting him or her know that you shared the post.

3.      Extend the Reach of your Social Media

If you have a video you would like to post, consider posting it on your Facebook page first; then sharing the embedded post with the video on your website.  This way, people can either like it from the embedded post or through your Facebook post.

4.      Boost Social Media Engagement

Consider embedding your discussion post within your blog content for more exposure.  This added exposure will most likely get more discussion on your Facebook post, which can be a great way to boost your EdgeRank on Facebook AND turn your website visitors and blog readers into engaged members of your page.

5.      Show off your Best Facebook Content

Many bloggers like to show off their best content by adding posts such as “Best Posts of 2013.”  Why not highlight your most popular Facebook posts as well?  Create a post with your best Facebook content to show your website visitors and blog readers how engaging your Facebook page is, which could lead to more likes and more engaged Facebook fans. 

The mechanics of Facebook Embedded Posts

To embed a Facebook post onto your website or blog, simply click on the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of the post.  Click on “Embed Post.”  A box will popup showing how the post will appear, along with the code to use.  Copy this code and paste it where you want it on your website or blog.

A few things to keep in mind when embedding Facebook posts:

·         The privacy settings used by the person who created the post will determine whether or not you can embed that post.

·         You cannot embed public posts from within groups or comments on a Facebook post.

·         Any embedded post from a Facebook page includes a Like button, so embedding posts onto your website or blog could help boost your number of fans.

·         If you use embedded posts from someone else’s profile or page, your website visitors and blog readers could click through to them.

This article is based on a post by Kristi Hines entitled 6 Creative Ways to Use Embedded Facebook Posts.

Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

Is Facebook Losing its Cool? Social Media Marketers Take Note!


Facebook's fading cool factor: implications for social media marketingIf you want to know if something is “cool,” ask a teenager.  You’ll probably get the shoulder shrug or – even worse – the dreaded eye roll (implying, of course, that you are so not cool for asking). 

Eager for their opinion, many marketers are asking teenagers if they’re still using Facebook, trying to answer the question, “Has Facebook lost its cool factor with teens?”

Based on those statistics, many believe that Facebook will soon become a thing of the past as teens continue losing interest in the 9-year-old social media site. At what point will it impact the social media strategy of forward-thinking marketers?

Biased Teens? Biased Facebook Surveys?

Others argue that surveys may be biased because teenagers want to seem cool by pretending they no longer like or use Facebook.  On earnings calls, Facebook has consistently denied the claim that teens are losing interest in the social network site. Mark Zuckerberg - Founder, Chairman and CEO of Facebook – said, “based on our data, that just isn’t true.” With 1.15 billion users and 699 million people using Facebook every day, he argued that teens have remained steadily engaged with Facebook.

So is Facebook losing its cool among teenagers or isn’t it? 

Zuckerberg contended that it doesn't matter. In a discussion with The Atlantic editor James Bennett in Washington, D.C., Zuckerberg joked “People assume that we’re trying to be cool. It’s never been my goal. I’m the least cool person there is.”

Zuckerberg said what he does want to create with Facebook is a basic necessity - a ubiquitous utility that will be insulated from trends and, to some degree, competitors. 

Does Cool Even Matter?

He added, “Maybe electricity was cool when it first came out, but pretty quickly people stopped talking about it because it’s not the new thing, the real question you want to track at that point is are fewer people turning on their lights because it’s less cool?” 

Social Media Marketing Strategy Considerations - Our Take

The trends among younger Facebook users should matter quite a bit to social media marketers, and are therefore worth keeping up with. Things can change very quickly in the social media landscape. For example, Google+ (a direct competitor to Facebook) has rapidly gained followers vs. a year ago, and new social media platforms appear with increasing frequency. Today's cool is tomorrow's yawn. Given the hurdles involved in reaching fans' news feeds within Facebook, some marketers feel that it is already becoming less attractive than in the past in terms of achieving a solid return on investment. If it loses enough of it's cool factor, then younger and eventually older users may begin leaving it in significant numbers for "cooler" alternatives. 

This article is based on a post by Josh Constine and Gregory Ferenstein entitled Facebook Doesn’t Want To Be Cool, It Wants To Be Electricity.

Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

Facebook Marketing Tips: What Every Business Owner Should Know


From Facebook Marketing Skeptic to Convert

Facebook social media marketing tips for Reading PA, Allentown, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and beyondI'll be honest: I was a more than a little skeptical about Facebook marketing in its early days. Social media marketing was suddenly all the rage, though few businesses knew how to make the most of it.  Facebook made it look easy, with business pages and affordable pay-per-click and pay-per-impression advertising, but would it really work? And if so, would it work for everyone, or was this a social media marketing and advertising channel best used by a narrow sector of the business community?

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to experiment with Facebook marketing in both its free and paid forms, for businesses of varying sizes in different industries, with efforts targeted to both consumers and other businesses. Here's what I learned that you should know...

A Very Large Portion of Your Audience is on Facebook

There's a common perception that social media marketing is great for reaching consumers, but not so good for B2B marketing. But think about it. What attorney or VP of Marketing or Purchasing Manager doesn't use Facebook these days, whether at home, at work, or both? Approximately 1/8 of the planet is on Facebook, and that's counting third world countries with big populations and little money for technology. The percentage for US, EU, and other Internet users in developed countries is extremely high. In fact, it's rare to find someone who does not use Facebook at least weekly, with many spending hours per week or even hours per day on Facebook.  Even if your marketing efforts are exclusively targeting businesses, the decisions are made by individuals, most of whom are likely to be regular Facebook users.

Your Facebook Page is Only as Strong as Your Commitment

Creating a Facebook page for your business isn't going to do anything to enhance your visibility, improve your image, or increase your market share: but working your Facebook page will.  If you're half-hearted or non-commital about using a Facebook page for marketing purposes, don't do it.  Having prospects land on a nearly-blank page or one that hasn't been updated in months is worse than having them not find a page at all.  Don't take that step until you're ready to commit to the effort to update it at least weekly, and to check it daily for feedback.

Develop a Clear Social Media Marketing Strategy for Facebook

Businesses use Facebook pages and Facebook advertising differently, and there are multiple ways to achieve success. You might use your page to interact with your local community, to answer questions about your products or services, to share useful links and information that helps build your credibility as an expert, or in some combination of these ways, among others. A Facebook marketing campaign, like any other social media marketing campaign, requires a vision, a strategy, and specific goals. Take the time to plan before you act.

Interaction with Your Social Media Followers is Critical

Once upon a time, most people who'd "liked" your page would see every single one of your page posts in their feeds and be reminded of your business. They'd have an easy opportunity to "like" a post or share it or comment on it, which in turn would appear in their feeds and be seen by their friends. However, this has changed, and now not all those who have "liked" your page will see all of your posts; instead, the amount of exposure you will receive has become more limited, and is influenced by multiple factors, including the amount of interaction between your company and your followers (comments on your posts, and your replies to those comments, among other factors).  You must engage your readers to spread the word, since their "likes", shares, comments and other interactions will still appear in their friends feeds and tickers.

Facebook Advertising: Affordable, Highly Targeted, and Too Good to Ignore

It's been suggested that the changes (reductions) in Facebook page visibility are a result of Facebook's desire to encourage (some would say strong arm) you into their paid advertising offerings. That's fair in a sense because it's a business, but many found the change to be abrupt and game changing.  Regardless, Facebook advertising can be effective when used in combination with your Facebook business page and your website.

Facebook advertising is easy to set up and manage, affordable, and allows you to target specific demographics in ways those selling other forms of advertising can only dream of. Targeting uses information based on what Facebook users like according to their Facebook profile, and also by what they like based on their Facebook activity. In addition, you have the benefit of geographical, demographic, and many other available filters.

As with search engine advertising, you have the option of paying for your Facebook ads based on exposure (pay-per-impression) vs. paying for actual clicks (pay-per-click). Facebook advertising is worth exploring both as a way to generate "likes" and interaction with your page, and as a means of directing traffic to a specific landing page on your website.

Facebook Marketing in Summary

Like many social media marketing options, Facebook provides a great opportunity to reach a large audience at an affordable price. Your success will depend on developing an effective Facebook marketing strategy combined with a willingness to engage on a regular basis.

Need help with your social media marketing strategy? Contact us for a free intitial consultation for qualifed organizations.

Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

Social Media Marketing & Bonding: Turning Clients Into Friends


Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instragram. Whereever you go people are talking about a picture they saw on Facebook, a funny video on YouTube or an amazing photo they found on Pinterest, but why is social media so popular, and how can social media marketing help your business thrive? 

Creating a Bond is Key to Successful Social Media Marketing

How to form stronger customer bonds through social media marketing strategyThink of it this way, although the Internet is making the world smaller by the day, people are spending less time together in person. However, they are spending more time connecting electronically via social media. To prove the point, think of how you or your family members have connected with long lost friends through social media, something that would otherwise have been much less likely to occur.

Regardless of the social media channel used to contact each other online, we all have a human need for “real" relationships.  No one wants to say, “Hey, check out this product that this (nameless) guy on Facebook told me about.” No, they want to say, “Check out what my friend recommended.” Your clients will be much more loyal and dedicated if they feel they can trust you as their friend to provide the best quality products and solutions for them. So knowing this, how can you turn your clients into friends? 

The basic answer is simple.  Create a bond that makes your clients know you care about them and are not taking them for granted. One way to do this is to offer special perks to friends of the company (for example, to those who have "liked" your Facebook page or opted in to your other social media). These perks don’t have to break your bank, but they can go a long way to solidifying a bond that inspires brand loyalty.

Testimonials and Likes are Good for Your Business and Your Customers

If a client shares information about your business on Facebook or Twitter or goes out of their way to provide a testimonial, consider featuring it on your Facebook page. It shows your clients that you value their input and provides some often-appreciated attention. Responding to and implementing their suggestions drives home the fact that you and your company care about what they have to say, and therefore take their suggestions seriously.

Another way to create a bond is to show your loyal customers you value their business by offering them special pricing.  For example, if they paid $2.99 a month for your newsletter subscription in the past, consider locking in that rate for a long time to come (and letting them know about the special rates they are receiving each time your regular price increases). Their loyalty to your business can be worth many times the "cost" of discounts.

Create Rewards Programs with Real Benefits

Demonstrate your appreciation for your clients by creating a rewards program that provides REAL benefits. Nothing miserly like “60 days money back instead of 30.”  Instead, consider offering complimentary services, discounts or other tangible, valuable prizes or rewards.

One potentially low-cost way to provide a valued reward is to team up with other non-competing companies who offer services related to yours that will benefit your clients. Own a photography studio?  Work out special pricing arrangements with make-up artists and hairstylists you trust, and then send special offers on those related services to your clients. Share the spotlight with your network of related service providers and ask them to do the same for you in an effort to turn their friends into your friends, and vice-versa.

Gratitude Can be the Best Marketing Strategy

Most importantly, be grateful for your new friends.  Show them regularly how much you value them and they will reciprocate. Be creative and let your personality show, whether it’s donating to your favorite client's charity of choice, giving away a free product or service, or just by saying, “Thank you for your support”.  Your clients will appreciate it and in turn will remain loyal, spread the word about your company, and will often choose your brand over an equally good competing brand just because they like you.

Make it Personal

Remember, your clients may respond well to an offer to connect connect with you and your business in a more personal way. Using social media marketing to develop a stronger bond can give current and future clients the confidence to choose your business over the competition. 

Want to learn more? Contact us for assistance in developing a creative social media marketing strategy to help grow your business.

Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

Social Media Marketing Tip: Ride the Coattails of Popular Bloggers


An Inbound Marketing / Social Media Marketing Parable

Imagine you are visiting a county fair in the heat of the summer. 

Walking with your refreshing cup of lemonade, you hear someone talking over the loudspeaker.  You take a look and there is a crowd gathered around a stage, listening to someone speaking.

How to leverage popular bloggers to enhance your social media marketing strategy. Serving Reading, PA, Philadelphia, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Harrisburg and beyond.Now, imagine every one of the people in the crowd is someone in your target market.  You would love to have the same kind of attention from these people that the speaker is enjoying.

What is the logical question that comes to mind? 

What is this person saying that has this crowd so interested?

You would be foolish not to walk over and join the assembly to hear what the speaker is talking about.  It is a tremendous opportunity to strike up a conversation with individuals in the crowd.  Create a conversation around the speaker’s message and add your own insights.  Tell them how you can help them, and invite them to stop by your office.  This is also a wonderful opportunity to answer questions posed by the speaker, thereby revealing your expertise to the crowd. 

What's the Lesson for Your Social Media Strategy?

If this is true in our little parable, it can also be applied to our inbound marketing and social media marketing strategy.  There are bloggers in your industry who your customers and potential customers are following and reading. How can you ride their coattails to a more successul marketing strategy?

Increase Your Social Media Marketing Effectiveness by Learning and Applying the Following:

  • Who are the popular bloggers in your industry? 
  • What are their website addresses? 
  • What are they writing about?  What topics are they not writing about?
  • How often do they publish?
  • How many fans or followers do they have?
  • How frequently do people comment on their articles?
  • What do the comments reveal about the concerns and knowledge of the readers of the blog?
  • Are any of the bloggers local?  (Is there an opportunity for you to become the local expert?)
  • How can you add comments to the blog posts in a way that enhances your reputation?
  • Can you contact the blogger and recommend a mutually beneficial connection?
  • Does the blogger have more expertise and experience than you?  How can you strengthen your knowledge and expertise?
  • Are you a fan of the blogger’s social media pages? Did you subscribe to his or her blog so you know when new content has been posted?


Visit Google Blog Search and take a few minutes to search for blogs in your industry.  Answer the questions above and identify new opportunities to reach out to potential customers in your target market.

Do you have a solid marketing plan for your business? One that combines the best traditional and online marketing techniques to form a smart, cohesive marketing strategy? Contact us to learn how we can help with our unique approach to gaining more leads and more customers for your business. Contact us today.

Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

Content Marketing Tip: 4 Ways to Boost Traffic by Commenting


Someone Commented! Time to Buy a Lottery Ticket?

It is a Monday morning.  You bought your coffee at the local convenience store on your drive in to work.  After checking your email, you meet with your staff to go over the issues facing your business this week.  You make phone calls to clients, suppliers, and consultants.

Content Marketing tips to boost your website, blog, and social media trafficThe last thing on your mind is to check your social media and website for comments to an article you posted last week.  Why bother?  You have come to expect that people don’t add comments to your articles.  Lately you've been questioning your content marketing strategy and the effort required to create original content. 

However, you decide to check anyway.

You discover an authentic comment about your article submitted by someone representing another firm. It is clear from the wording of the comment that the author read your article and is responding to the thoughts you shared.  This is not spam.

Think about it.  What would you do?

You would want to know who the author is.  You would visit their website.  The business professional effectively generated traffic to their website by thoughtfully commenting on the article you wrote.

So Many Lonely Pages Just Waiting to Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are millions of lonely websites and social media pages on the Internet.  This fact creates opportunity for you to drive traffic to your website.

Develop a plan to regularly comment on the social media pages and websites of other businesses. 

Where to Post Comments to Drive More Traffic

Consider posting comments on the websites and blogs of the following:

  1. Customers
  2. Prospective customers
  3. Former customers
  4. Suppliers and consultants
  5. Local business and community leaders
  6. Local charities and community organizations

Commenting Ideas & Guidelines

What are some of the things you can comment about?

  1. Thank them for the information they shared in the article, making sure you reference actual content or else you could have the appearance of a spammer.
  2. Ask a question about a specific point they made in the article, giving them an opportunity to share more of their expertise.
  3. Tell them how you are going to use the information they shared in the article.
  4. Recommend other organizations or types of organizations who may benefit from the article.

Apply the Golden Rule of Commenting

Are you discouraged by the level of traffic coming to your website?  Perhaps you need to apply better and more consistent online marketing techniques.  However, there is also a world of opportunity to generate traffic by "doing unto others" what you would have them do to you.  Visit their websites and provide some encouraging feedback by commenting on their posts. Stay at it and over time it just may come back to you a hundredfold.

Need Help with Your Online Marketing Strategy?

We can help you formulate a smart, efficient, and cost-effective online strategy to grow your business. Please Contact Us if you need assistance. The initial consultation is free for qualified customers. 

Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

Content Marketing: 10 Reasons People Don't Comment on Blog Posts


Content marketing, online marketing, and blogging tips for Reading, PA, in Berks County0 Comments: Second to “read more”, you would be hard pressed to find a more frequent combination of characters on the Internet, or a more perplexing online marketing issue to overcome. If we could generate $1 for every article published online that people don’t comment on, we could eliminate the national debt overnight. OK, maybe not the U.S. national debt, but you get the point.

Why so Lonely?

Why are there so many lonely blog posts? The obvious and most simplistic answer is that people aren’t reading the articles. The websites that contain the articles aren’t generating traffic. Thousands of articles and books have been published to address this concern.

However, there are at least ten other reasons for the absence of comments that may not be so obvious. Those with a passion for content marketing may find some encouragement to refine their blogging and other online marketing efforts by carefully considering the 10 points below, and the recommendations that follow.

10 Reasons People Don't Comment

1) Agreement
People agreed in entirety with what you wrote. If you said it all and said it well, you might leave virtually nothing meaningful for anyone to add. People submit comments to articles when they think they can add insight the author didn’t share.

2) Reluctiance
People are reluctant to share their opinion socially. The vast majority of people are not very confident when it comes to sharing their opinions publicly. They may fear their opinion may not be meaningful or may not be communicated eloquently.

3) Time
People are too busy. While it might take a minute or two to read an article, it might take someone 10-15 minutes to write a comment they think is good enough for others to read.

4) Attitude
People are cynical. They don’t believe their comments will make a difference. Things won’t be changed for the better regardless of what comments they share.

5) Emotion
Your post didn’t strike an emotional chord. One million people might read an article about how to change a light bulb without one person leaving a comment.

6) Reach
People with opinions to share want an audience. If your website doesn’t have millions of followers, those who are inclined to comment on websites may believe your website isn’t worth their time.

7) Repurcussions
People fear repercussions. “What if I say something that comes back to hurt me?” People who have friends, family, neighbors, and employers may believe it is safer not to express their opinions publicly.

8) Vulnerability
People are intimidated by nastiness. It is common knowledge that people often use the ability to comment on articles as an opportunity to belittle, criticize, and insult others who comment. Who wants that?

9) Failure to Ask
You didn’t ask for comments within the article itself. If you forget to ask for comments, then don't be surprised if none appear.

10) Poor Follow Up
You didn’t ask for comments after the article was published. You didn’t ask family, friends, customers, and colleagues to share their comments on the article.

5 Tips for Better Participation

How can you increase the number of comments on your articles? In addition to addressing the above issues, here are some online marketing tips to consider when composing blog posts and other content:

  • Don't share every last insight you can think of in the article 
  • Publicly thank or reward those who do comment 
  • Write in such a manner as to encourage the reader to take sides in an argument 
  • Allow people to comment anonymously 
  • Police your website and remove or block inappropriate comments that may intimidate potential contributors 


Again, remember to ask for comments, both in the article and after the article was published.

What other reasons do you think people have for not commenting on articles? Please share your thoughts!

Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.

Online Marketing: 3 Ways to Use Photos to Drive Web Traffic


Who Has Time for Online Marketing?

Marketing consulting firm near Reading PA in Berks County. Online marketing and content marketing strategy services.Who has time for content marketing, social media marketing, or any other form of online marketing, you ask? In particular, who has time to write high-quality blog posts?

If you are like many small business owners and marketers, you work from early in the morning till late in the evening. You answer emails, make telephone calls, and attend meetings. You need to make sure your operations are producing and shipping quality products or delivering outstanding service. Each day is a new adventure of unexpected situations that require your complete attention.

Quality Content - Key to Online Marketing Success, But ...

Quality content is essential to your online marketing success, and one key to better search engine optimization (ranking well on search engines). However, it may seem there is no time for planning, researching, writing, editing, and publishing articles on your website. In addition, you may not be able to hire a professional writer to perform these functions for you. As a result, your website contains the kiss of death: your pages are static and outdated, contributing to poor search engine performance and dissatisfied viewers and customers.

Here are 3 ways to use photography to achieve better online marketing results:

1. Turn your website into a photo blog.

It takes just a few moments to upload images if your website has a quality content management system. Images can convey messages quicker and more efficiently than words. It would require a carefully crafted paragraph or two of text to describe what a stop sign looks like to someone who has never seen one. However, with a photo of a stop sign, words are not necessary other than a brief caption. Continuously take and post photos of your products, your staff providing services, your building, and your satisfied customers.

2. Add appropriate keyword-savvy descriptions for each image on your website.

Add a keyword-focused description of the photo in the “title” and “alt” tags. When someone searches the Internet, they will find your photos thanks to those tags properly used. For example, visit Google and search for images for “caterpillar”. Interspersed with images of the insect will be images of trucks and heavy equipment manufactured by the Caterpillar company. The website team at Caterpillar has used title and ALT tags on images to help people discover their website when they use search engines. The Internet user can click on the image to visit the Caterpillar website.

3. Share the same photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Webshots, Snapfish, and Photobucket.

Uploading your images to these popular social media photo sharing channels increases the number of people who are likely to “stumble upon” your website. Search engines also search the photos indexed on these websites, increasing the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts when the photos and related text link back to your website or blog.

Your camera phone can be a powerful and easy-to-use tool to get this process moving. Use it along with the tips above to add more punch to your online marketing efforts!

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Alan Robezzoli is the founder of Power Marketing International, LLC, located near Reading, PA. PMI's mission is to provide high-value, results-oriented Web Design, Web Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to Reading Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, and York PA.
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